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The more time I spend on here, the more it feels less like a dating site and more like as social media site, and I really like that.

Miss_DJ 3 Nov 12

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dating is important before u shoot the gun, meaning getting married, sex or anything . just get to kno the person and make sure its a 50/50 and a equal shares


Agree! It makes sense to me to have a dating aspect to an otherwise social site as dating is indeed social. I am, however, greatly enjoying the more general discourse WITHOUT the inevitable ugliness that seems to come with the arrival (crashing?) of the religious.

Zster Level 8 Nov 12, 2017

I couldn't agree more. You can learn a lot about people in this kind of environment, which may be a catalyst to romance and/or great friendships.


Its a relatively new site and, as you see, they're working on it! I agree though...with the exception of just a few trolls its a great social site!

Its good to have a forum of like-minded people. I'm interested in seeing how it grows and evolves!


Happy to hear that as we want to make dating to be an effective by-product of a vibrant community ... but we are going to add some more dating-related features this week that will be available once a member clicks a toggle.

Admin Level 8 Nov 12, 2017

It's about time. 😛

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