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Stephen Colbert doing Trump is damned good- and also very funny! But then we have, 'Trump doing Trump.' Hysterical! I laughed and couldn't stop. Okay, there may have been a few seconds of sneering in there too- "I am a stable genius." Ha, ha, ho, ho.......! Talking about "stables" in a barn- he is as thick as a plank forming the stable.

By Diogenes7
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I like to imagine him in Rykers Island!

davknight Level 7 May 31, 2019

If you feel a need to tell people you are a genius, plus "stable"............


this is a stable genius- smart ass.


No shit clinically insane

bobwjr Level 9 May 24, 2019

For sure. Narcissistic, no empathy for others or insight into how he shows up to others. And he requires constant praise. And I can't even believe his base doesnt think him saing he is a stable genius bazare.


The guy is going into total meltdown!

gearl Level 7 May 24, 2019

The funniest thing is when his advisors/staff were lined up and had to lie, um report how calm he was. favorite was Sandra Huckabee saying he was calm ....and not like when he was angry and ranting...

gigihein Level 8 May 24, 2019

"'When' he was not angry and ranting."! Does anyone want to list the trillion times that he hallucinates and talks like the Great Dic-taker ? Why not take the easy route, and list the times he is 'not' ranting?

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