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Immigrants always send money home. But most have done it by earning it. Minnesota is the most socialist in US with respect to welfare benefits. So, it has been easier there for immigrants to take taxpayer money and send it to areas in Somalia controlled by islam gangs.
Mostly an accurate reporting tainted little with perspective.


Jacar 8 May 25

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I don’t know how you or your antecedents arrived in America, or when, or where they originated from.....but I would wager that they were immigrants from somewhere...probably the UK or Europe, and they did so to make a better life for themselves and their families. Economic migration has been happening since the earliest times, this current vilification of immigrants smacks of crass hypocrisy to me.

Well said too!

It is fear and watching too many nutcases on the internet who feed each other this stuff in order to keep the real issues from coming forth...if he would focus his energy and priorities on what is actually happening in the USA, perhaps issues concerning our own religious zealots, it would be better spent than worrying about a what if that is not coming true in the USA...I worry more about the survival nut cases hold up in bunkers expecting a government take over than Islamic people who are working and voting and adding to our culture above ground...


Jacar everyone of the responses here have already debunked your fallaecious islamaphobic nonsense. If I were to spout an unpopular opinion and everyone disagreed, I think I would start to wonder why I think in a certain way and try to challenge my own perceptions and prejudices. You don't. You just continue to hold these views directed largely at one religious group. The facts are not with you. Yes there are a number of radical extremists in Islam as there are in lots of other religions. In fact, having researched it the only 'group' who do no have radical extremists are atheists...mainly because they are not a group, have no charismatic leader and do not protylise. However most Muslims are kind and caring people, as are most Christians and most Jews. Most Buddhists aren't torturing Muslims, Most Hindus aren't rioting with axes. Your enemy is radicalised disenphranchised youth with poverty and empty bellies. Cure that and we'll see an end to extremism. The best way to that is to give them more money.

Well said.

Some people just can't comprehend the complexities and issues underlying a lot of the is much easier for that sort of mind to focus on one thing and usually it is something that is easy for them to see, ie. dark skin, not understand, ie different religions, and mostly things they have no direct experience either themselves or through others...well said...


Good. that will help redress the balance and help pay for the damage caused by the US military involvement in the area.


The Pew Report reports a rise in the economic markets of these countries with the money sent by immigrants from the USA and other countries...raising their standard of living, not raising gangs or terrorists...the graphs and charts so the actual growth and the reason is this money for agricultural growth and small business...instead of all of us paying with our money, the citizens here are sending some of their OWN money to help people in need...paying for their country to be rebuilt...apparently Jacar and others just can't believe that they are not the shitholes as we are...we don't even help our own people this way and when we see it, it is unbelievable and gets no positive attention



What a load of Bullshit scammers are the ones doing that

most of the scammers are not even from the countries people is all part of a smear campaign...the calls originate from Texas...what does that say?

@thinktwice are Nigerians and Russian mafia using shills or fake numbers


Money to Somalia...try to think positive instead of focusing on your blindness


"The money is a lifeline for thousands of families, who rely on it to get food and shelter, pay for education and health services, and sustain their small businesses. It is also a testament to something else: the incredible expression of faith, generosity, and solidarity that is common among Somalis."


More crap to support your islamaphobia...all immigrants including those from Vietnam, Germany, Italy, etc, have always legally sent money to families left behind in countries...more likely for food and are finding stuff for fear tactics...


"That said, there is no evidence directly connecting the money legally flown out of MSP to the money obtained from child care subsidy fraud, let alone connecting that money to terrorism, which is why many in the community are upset with Fox9."

Same type of scenario was tried on the Syrian immigrants who settled in our area...yes, they tried to help out other family members and friends but Syria did not have a workable banking system any longer so there was no way to do it except to give funds to American organizations to help get family members over here by applying for visas, etc. The new guys are always feared and always have been by small minded people with no direct experience with them...Jacar...have lunch with might be good for you to have a positive experience instead scouring the internet for such hate and inaccurate stuff.

@thinktwice I have friends who live in the small island of Bute of the west coast of Scotland. They had about 100 Syrian refugees settle in the major town of Rothesay a few years ago. Rothesay was a major holiday resort for Glasgow years ago but since holidaymakers now fly to Spain holiday it is pretty run down. Some of the Syrian families moved on but the ones who stayed have opened speciality bakers shops, Turkish barbers and a few other businesses.and have added a bit of colour to the town and are a great asset to the community.


Just to put this into perspective, Manhattan Institute is a conservative think-tank. ( []

I’m not challenging the results of the study because I, quite frankly don’t have the time to research the narrative. However, I do think it’s important that readers do have a understanding of any potential biases of the article publisher/author.

Also, it’s important to note that the study is consistent with conservative talking points concerning welfare recipients and immigrants.

they have the nerve to be called a "think" tank...there is no thinking...speculation and twisting the agenda to fit their own narrative...I have been to that community and it is one of the most prospering ones with markets, stores, banks, shops...the kindest people who are grateful to be here...he is so full of blind hate out of lack of direct experience, at all...discounting wonder he is the most blocked person here...

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