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English wisdom

Jolanta 8 May 28

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i've always found it difficult to understand why the 95% of the ppl that are disadvantaged by the greedy, unethical 5% (or less) just let them get away with it. generation after generation.
sadly, it all must just come down to IQ. the greedy socio/psychopaths are smarter.

I think perhaps 80% to 20%. Smarter members of the 80% often rise into the 20% so no longer agitate for change. Some genuine efforts to change this split for example the Russian revolution in 2017 may result in an even worse stuation. The best hope is incremental changes via democracy with a fair tax system helping to adjust the balance.

@Fretherne1 ,
unfortunately, with a fiat money system controlled by the US with their world reserve curency; there is no chance of anything even resembling a true democracy with a fair tax system.
there was an old saying "he who has the gold rules". now fiat currencies have replaced gold but ppl can still protect themselves with gold. few will, though.

@callmedubious "Geld regiert die Welt"

How often did you hear that in Germany 🙂

@Fretherne1 ,
i was with NATO in germany decades ago but to be honest wasn't really interested in what they thought about gold back then.


The land was stolen from the ordinary people or "commoners" by wealthy landowners beginning in the early 17th century. There are still a few commons and commoners in England but only a tiny proportion of what there once was.One of the most well known is the New Forest in the south of England where their New Forest ponies run freely.

I have been to the New Forest and it is magical.


This is what is known as Old Timey Horse Sense, which seems to be sorely lacking nowadays!


Enclosure, or the process that ended traditional rights on common land formerly held in the open field system and restricted the use of land to the owner, is one of the causes of the Agricultural Revolution and a key factor behind the labor migration from rural areas to gradually industrializing cities.

So I was under the impression that traditional rights on common land were still in force in UK.

@Jolanta They are but just a fraction of the land that was common at the beginning of the 17th ceeent.

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