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Can anyone think of a cult leader who respected the followers of the cult?

Sam-a-Lamb 5 May 28

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It's not like the kind of leader you describe would make the news....


No. That's why they're called cult leaders.


The 14th Dalai Lama seems to do the job well enough. Pope Francis seems to be an improvement.

Hummmm?? I just don't think you can improve what is not good to begin with.


Pope Francis is far from encouraging people to kill themselves. When a Pope approves and accepts science, evolution, big bang theory, dogs go to heaven, aliens are our saviours and called by more Clergymen the Antichrist. Then concidering the last Pope called Hitler an atheist.

Then look how Pope Francis is weaning people off traditional Catholic and slowly moving towards something that is moreso positive spiritual. I'm open to diversify to the point of Religion makes very little good sense.

@Castlepaloma Then, should we say not that he is an "improvement", but that he is not as bad and evil as some other popes?


I can call the US Unjustice system and military complex evil. Yet there are among them, good honest individuals with good intentions. That is what I feel about Pope Francis.


Cult is just a younger version of culture. They are all forms of cultures or concepts. Not art for art is beauty.


They often end up persuading their followers to kill themselves. eg Heavens Gate and Jim Jones so it doesn't seem so

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