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I have just been watching the devastation in Ohio after the tornadoes on my TV. Just want you to know that I send my thoughts and best wishes from across the Atlantic to any of you or your friends/family who may be left homeless or hurt.

Marionville 9 May 29

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After a tornado the grain silo is often the only structure left intact. I sometimes wonder why houses are built of matchwood in tornado prone areas would wonder why they’re not built to a more storm proof standard.

@Marionville If it I anything like here, builders will construct houses to the lowest possible standards.I watched a film showing a devastated town and one more robust looking house although damaged was still standing. As usual it is all about money.


My BIL lives in Ohio...frankly, I could care less if he got carried would be one less cruel and hateful person on this planet...I am joking, of course, but I am sure he will let me know that Jesus saved his ass to be a racist one more day...


So many horrible disasters.

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