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What do you think about this latest report on the effects of US sanctions on Venezuela? []

ToolGuy 9 May 29

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sanctions always hurt the ordinary people. The ruling clique are always protected against harm.
Trump's sidekick Bolton was honest in his statement that the USA wants to get it's hands on Venezuela's oil.


Sanctions are just another form of occupation the USA excels in . . . . . terrorism. Economic terrorism.

THHA Level 7 May 30, 2019

No, but I am familiar with the content.


Reinforces to me that the $USD must be replaced as the worlds default currency as the US uses that power as a weapon of war.

nukes will be used before that ever happens.

@callmedubious those two events will definitely be connected me thinks.


Mainly shows the muddled thinking of bureaucrats with scant knowledge of the world beyond North Ametics.

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