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This is how you do it.

ProudMerrie 8 May 31

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2 could sauté some chopped up kale along with chopped up cabbage in bacon drippings. Add some diced boiled potatoes, crumbled bacon and a little "dressing" made up of bacon drippings, butter, red pepper flakes and poupon mustard. quite yummy. 🙂


I love kale...send it to me!

How do you prepare it? I always seems bitter and stiff to me...a weird after taste...and oddly, I love collards, turnip greens and even there some magic thing to do ahead of time?

@thinktwice lightly brown your chopped garlic, and onions if desired. Remove the stems from the kale by stripping the leafy part...goes quickly. Saute the pieces with the garlic. I like parmesan cheese & pepper, no salt but maybe a bit of fresh lemon juice...(i find Kale salty naturally). Do not overcook, you want wilt-y pieces not mush


I once dated a woman who invited me over for dinner one evening. The main course was 'spinach lasagna'. (She had gotten the recipe out of 'Womans Day'😉. Anyhow, I can't stand spinach. But fortune intervened. A girlfriend of hers called, and she had to leave the dining room to jabberwocky with her friend. Meanwhile, her little cockapoo stood at my feet, looking up pleadingly at me. I got an idea. I set my plate down next to her dog; and he lapped the plate clean, in two wags of a puppy dog's tail. When his mistress returned, she saw that my plate was clean, and offered me another helping. To which I replied, "That was delicious! But if I eat another helping, my stomach will burst!"


I found success with fresh kale by tearing it to bite size pieces and dropping into into a soup or stew in the last 15 minutes or until tender not mushy

yes, kale pieces are wonderful added to a potato based soup with Italian sausage.... 😉


Very true. I've tried preparing kale so many ways and I never seem to get it. Restaurants seem to do a good job with it because I do like it -- as long as someone else prepares it!




ha ha ha...I was getting food delivered to my house last year so I could sort of learn to cook...just about every delivery had kale...

I would make it and after one bite, my husband and I would throw it in the garbage...

It was a running joke that I was learning 50 ways to throw away


Good laugh!

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