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What a beautiful and rare shred of what once was! Matriarchal and matrilineal peace and balance.

Silver1wun 7 June 1

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A critical post that was here yesterday is gone today. I had nothing to do with it, just in case it was noticed by anyone else.. I never block people or delete anything from the record, just for general information of any following.


If this was a world norm, the earth would be a much more peaceful place. I still believe in shared responsibility and task, but far less jealousy and far fewer bs hangups about women.

It once was. Paradise Lost - about 6,000 years ago.


I'm such a lazy bastard. I would have loved that culture.

It goes with our Y cromosome. Nothing wrong with that, except that it makes us poor exclusive leaders. Without women, humanity is literally lost. And... it is.


It’s a fascinating and informative video. Thanks.


Very interesting.


Fascinating people.

There are other surviving remnants of naturally organized cultures and all to at least most share remoteness; living in places like high altitudes and remote areas of oceana, where malignant male dominated conquering hordes couldn't easily reach them. Of course, then came 19th. and 20th. century Christian missionaries and male dominated Islam to adulterate much of what survived.

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