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All White People are the Same: : : Sargon's comments about how the unlimited immigration into the UK is destroying English culture.. . . We should take this as a warning of the consequences of unmanaged immigration.

Jacar 8 June 1

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With the dawning of genetic engineering, Modern Humans will probably be replaced by 'Super' Humans, of whatever height, race, or intellectual level their parents desire.


Ohferpetessake...the same was said about the Irish, the Germans, the Italians, Asians, etc etc etc. Have you No historical references you could educate yourself with?


English 'culture' has been derived from incursions by Italy, Germany, Scandinavia & France [to name a few].
To try to stop this 'multi-culturism' as this point in our history is unhelpful & futile.


Bloody immigrants. Ruining the delightful culture of London


Young people are destroying old people culture. And now old people are dying at a faster rate than young people. You have to know that Obama and the FBI are involved in this Deep State conspiracy to cause older people to die while younger people just keep on living! Pretty soon, all the old people will be dead and the young people will take over the whole damned country! They don't like old people music, old people food, old people technology. They don't even THINK like old people!

Who will stop the destructing of old people culture? WHO?


Because of how genetics works, there are so many potential combinations of the gene that controls skin color...all colors will be around...

But culture...that is a different story...people from other cultures can learn our history and eat the same foods, dress the same, etc. but they won't know our childhood songs, stories, and hundreds of the little things that make us American, English, Italian, Japanese, etc. But, we can learn theirs and they can learn ours over time...just think of it as adding more, not taking away...we all get more...more foods, more songs, more words, more ideas...

My marriage is bi-racial and I agree. Culture isn't that great except when it's improving. I doubt any of us want to go back a couple of hundred years and live in that culture. I'm old and my culture is dying and not any too soon. I hope what we have now is a hiccup and culture gets back to evolving and improving.

@gearl My marriage is also bi-racial as were my parents...if people would seriously think about it...we are not wearing togas or eating the foods of prior cultures...I think we can take the best, remember the history, and make new cultures...nice comment...thanks for sharing!


I can't wait until white people are the minority everywhere.
I'm so sick of listening to white people complain about everyone who isn't white.


Does anyone remember when forced immigration was a war crime?

This is how modern wars are fought. No guns. No bombs. No tanks, planes, or missiles. Just send a bunch of starving displaced people into the territory you want to violate and let human nature take control.

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