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THHA 7 June 2

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National healthcare is like having insurance... only when you actually need it, you are ALWAYS covered and you dont' have to spend months (or years) trying to get the coverage you paid for, and you don't die waitign to have your coverage approved.


Right, after living in the USA for several years, when I got sick, I ended by to Canada as fast as I could. There were huge numbers of Americans who declared bankruptcy due to long term illness or accidents. Both can wipe out the savings of a family and they sometimes have to sell their house to pay for medical bills.
As a Canadian, I have had several long term illnesses and chronic illness too. I have never even seen a medical invoice for the medical care and hospitalization I have had. I have pain nothing for health care my entire life. I cannot imagine any family trying to pay for huge medical bills because of the self centered attitude and selfishness of some Americans who fail to understand how insurance works.




I just watched a US envoy in London being quizzed about a trade agreement with the UK after Brexit. He was insistent that the NHS would be included in any deal. Sure the NHS has problems with underfunding etc but the last thing we want is some US multinational creaming profit off what is a taxpayer funded institution.




Yeah, saw this a while ago. Still like it.


I can't argue with that. I've got relatives in Canada and when I ask I have yet to find one that dislikes the system.

gearl Level 7 June 2, 2019
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