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Had my youngest’s graduation party yesterday at my ex’s house. It was an amazingly beautiful day for it, absolutely perfect. Everything went smoothly and it’s a good reminder to be grateful for the healthy relationship I have with my ex.

My daughter has really struggled the last 2-3 years and I’m incredibly proud of her. Actual grad ceremony is on Wednesday. She’s 1 credit short and has 2 summer classes to take before she actually gets her diploma, but she did qualify to walk with her class.

Marcie1974 8 June 3

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Well done but it looks like she had to rush as she is still wearing her pyjamas 🙂





Thank you!

Actual graduation last night


Both stunning! Love her Birks...😁

When she told me she wanted Birkenstock’s she asked if I knew what they were. Yes darling, I wore them at your age 🙄

@Marcie1974 Kids... Of course we were never like that!🙄

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