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Donald Trump arrived in London yesterday and we gave him the reception he deserved.

Gareth 7 June 4

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Trump only travels by jet, and by helicopter. He knows if he traveled by motorcade, he'd get pelted with rocks, bottles, and dead cats!




This is the exact reception I would have given him. The so called "state visit" must have something to do with wanting UK support for an upcoming event on the world stage. Lots of trumpery going on here and I do not like it.


I guess that Londoners are glad that Trump is in town, because that gives them a welcome change from the Brexit mess. For once they are united (!) against someone

Once again he’s dividing opinion....even here in Britain he has some fans, the Brexiteers like him because he is very anti-Europe and the Remainers just hate him for all the reasons most other rational people do.

@Marionville He must be delusional...I saw that he was in support of BoJo even though BoJo thinks tRump is a total idiot...he has an odd way of thinking that those who trash talk him are his buddies...the guy is looney

@thinktwice Of that, there is absolutely no doubt!

Alas, we have ethnic nationalists here too, like Nigel Farage. They both idolise Trump and want to commit national suicide with Brexit.

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