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NO YOU CANNOT HAVE OUR NHS!!!! I will fight til my dying breath to maintain the free at source healthcare for all forever! NO NO NO!

Amisja 8 June 4

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Right on. After eating their chlorinated chicken and beef full of antibiotics we will be even more in need of it.


the greedy american psycho bastards will do their best to rob you of your NHS.
if britain does the brexit then everything is on the table including NHS.


A national health system could be gotten quickly in the U.S. if it was sold as a freebie for businesses and cheaper labor costs.


We don't want your nhs. We want Trump to pull his head out of his ass, and get our own. Almost had it under Nixon, then he fucked us.


Actually, I'm quite happy with my Spanish Health Care. Also free.

Thats fine...I am talking about TRUMP

Free? I guess somebody payed for it. If you do not pay contributions, somebody else does.

@Matias Everybody does. The big difference is that big corporations and insurance companies don't get a cut, so it works out cheaper overall!

@Matias Free at source. Yes, we pay, but though taxes, not from our wallets every time we are in need of care.
France is very similar. Daughter dislocated her finger today, straight to the health clinic, saw the nurse, got the X-ray done, splinted and Doctor gave prescription for anti inflamatories. Seventy euros, refunded by the end of the week.

@Matias yes - it costs. But it’s worth every penny

In the Uk we need to remember the people who want to install the appalling American system. Insurance driven health care can work - but you have to get strong intervention to control the insurers and the care needs to be universal. So we should just stick with what we’ve got which works really well when the Tories aren’t selling it. Unfortunately they’ve been doing that since 1979

@Matias @OwlinASack I looked up the price of 50mg tablets of Losartan, without insurance, in the USA. It was $53 for 30 tablets.Without a prescription, I can buy them over the counter from any chemist's shop here in Spain for €4.30 - about $4.75 equivalent.
Since I get mine on a health service prescription I only pay 10% (0.43cents)
As you can see, US pharmaceutical prices are substantially higher than Spain's. The difference? National health schemes versus "for profit" health schemes.

@Matias Did you read...'free at source'?

@Matias, @Petter I have a long term condition, consequently all my medications are free

@Amisja In Spain, Doctors and hospitals are free, but prescriptions for NORMAL medications are charged at 10% of cost, to a monthly maximum of something like €25. This keeps down costs considerably, putting less strain on the taxpayer, yet covers real ill health.

@Petter Sounds good

@Amisja In November last year I spent 10 days in hospital, being given Cat scans, MRI scan, ultra-sound scans, cardiograph and blood tests, whilst being seen by specialists, including neurologists. After my discharge, I have had a succession of tests, including encephalography, all searching for the cause of an unexplained collapse that bore all the symptoms of a stroke, except that there was no trauma. I will see the neurologist again on the 17th. I feel fine, and have had no further attacks, but the sysyem is remarkably thorough. All medications in the hospital were free. All I am taking is Losartan to keep down my blood pressure, paying 43cents per pack of 30 x 50mg tablets.
Mind you, before I retired, my social security contributions, based on my net income, were pretty hefty at 500€ per month.

@Petter Vasovagal. You are quite a tall gentleman aren't you?

@Amisja I'm not tall, only 5' 8". Your suggestion is, of course, a possibility, but I lost the use of my right arm and right leg, whilst still being able to use the left, and also being aware of what was going on.
Most mysterious.

@Petter Could still have been a vasovagal. If they ruled out TIA...these things do happen from time to time.

@Amisja At least I'm maintaining my street cred of being unpredictable. 😄😃

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