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I should preface that I already knew I could change the color of the site. I was only expressing my love for dark themes on websites. I also was expressing that I wish there were a lot more than the options we have been given for color. What if I wanted dark green? That's what I meant. 😂

I love any site that has a dark theme feature. I love it because it is kind to my eyes. I hope they add more customization to the site because purple is not my ideal color. I'd like to change up stuff. Lol!

I'm being a complainer. Oh well...

Anyway, I'm bored. Time to go lurk around on here. Tee hee. I may lurk where you are too. 😛 Online only. I don't actually drive out to random people's houses and sit outside staring into your window and watch the same shows you do.

Actually, can you flip back one channel? That show you were watching was quite interesting. You know, the one with that guy? Yeah. That one. blinks

I'll go get us some snacks. turns on the engine letting it purr

CatiValti23 6 June 6

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Please tell me where I can come watch you shower or wash your breasts with lemon water as Susan Sarandon did nightly in the movie ATLANTIC CITY


You ave always been able to pick the color of this site.

I knew this already. I was only expressing my love for dark themes. I guess my post was confusing. 😂


You know, I thought I heard something last night 🙂

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