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This topic is called Momfessions and yes its for moms, giving us a chance to fess up about challenging moments with our children and how we handled those situations.

Ive had more that the usual of these experiences as my son is autistic and that is challenging to day the least.

Time to share....

Katsarecool 7 June 6

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The time my oldest daughter balked while entering Kmart. "Mom, all my friends will see me here, I'll just die of embarrassment!" But Barb, if all your friends are here their is no need to be embarrassed."

One time, my son at 2 years old had a temper tantrum; screaming, kicking his feet it was extreme. I looked around at many women looking at me as if I was a monster. I said, "Brian, your mother is not going to be happy with you about this."


Mr Mom single custody dads of daughters grew by leaps and bounds with the help of the BOSTON WOMENS COLLECTIVE Our Bodies Ourselves....try diagnosing cramps before a first ever menstrual period


OMG! My son is only on the spectrum and even though he frightened me many times with fearless behavior and illogic, he also has an IQ of 160 which he often used for no good - like casually rewiring the VCR when he was seven so he could copy Blockbuster movies - and eventually went into illegal activities.

When Nathan was two I left him at my youngest sister's house so I could visit my other sister a few miles away. When I returned, my youngest sister told me she noticed my son was missing, so went outside and saw that he was at the top of a 40-foot pine tree in her front yard.

I asked her what she did. She said that she nearly fainted, then loudly yelled up to him, "Nathan, you get down here right now or I'm telling your mom!" She then went in the house and in a few minutes he came strolling into the kitchen.

Many people mistakenly think people who are autistic are stupid. My son at the age of 3 took my broken vacuum cleaner apart and repaired it in. A few minutes.

Autism means they lack in social skills mainly. Brian at 43 may have trouble paying at bill at a restaurant but he's been repairung/ rebuilding car engines since around 12.

I asked Brian when he was 4 what he wanted to be when he grew up. He answered an astronaut. I then told him about the education required. Without hesitation he replied,"then I will be a plane." 😊


Six months after my first out of the home job, I was on vacation and decided to sleep in a bit. I was awaken by the odor of spray paint making its way upstairs. I realised my 3 yo old autisic son was awake and busy.

I ran down to the kitchen, didn't see anything unusual and nothing obviously painted. Then I noticed the can at the same moment he exclaimed, "momma, isn't pretty and shiny?"

He had spray painted all the appliances with clear paint!!! That included lots of running paint streams in our RENTED CONDO!!!

I went around gathering up everything in the house he could cause damage with. My son even before he could walk figured out how to push chairs around the house to climb, upon there was little he count get into.

There were fun moments, too but that wasn't one of them.

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