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For former Christians (or current):

What were/are the minimal requirements for salvation?

ElusiveMoby 7 June 6

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Celery! Celery is rich in Vitamin D, which acts as a stimulant on one's salivary glands! Just put celery in everything you cook! The food will be mouth-watering, and you'll celevate like crazy!

Well thank you.


Perfection.... WE ARE ALL DOOMED! At least according to Christians.


It is a mixed bag: from Calvinists to Universalists and Trinitarians to Non Trinitarians with of course Catholic sects and Protestant sects. And they all argue over who is right. For a minimum Universalist - absolutely nothing except being born a human. So there. And before some pull up most Universalists and being a decent person, I said minimum.

I like that belief.


My mom dragged me to adult sanctuary activities when I refused Sunday schools in back cubbyhole church rooms.....there I read 7 things "to do to be saved"....I am 7 yrs old and weeks later my mom goes up confesses those 7 things the organ plays she goes back and the Curtain is drawn Minister bald Raymond had a black silk wet robe and had a white sheet on....he mumbled then put a hanky on her nose dunks her now she shows the world her bra & wet panties snot drooling out her nose....she needed saving from this attempted drowning cult....not Ewe eating apples offered from talking snakes


Heaven and Hell are not things for when you die - those are thing you can experience while you're living.

gater Level 7 June 6, 2019

Who cares

Obviously I care.


My understanding is that on your deathbed you can ask forgiveness for your sins - priest says ok you are forgiven - thats it - you are in .... at least thats the way emperor Constantine did it


"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house..." [Acts 16:31]
Which means that, if YOU believe, your whole HOUSEHOLD receives tickets to heavenland. Not a bad deal, don't you think?


It's simple: ask for forgiveness, from your heart. (Or so they say.) That's all. Be a rabid asshole for 75 years, 30 seconds before you die, be sorry. You're in.

So cynical, so true.

True Hitler was granted absolution from his priest with his bride Eva Braun who posed her naked butt photos for him

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