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I had to say farewell today to my sweet, goofy girl, and will miss the eyes of "she who watches" and always knew my sadness before I felt it. So perfect until just weeks ago, I am remembering her dear little quirks and will always see her like this - oh, and cancer sucks.

tinkercreek 8 June 6

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I cry when my eyes connect with these 3 million years teachers of nurturing mammals setting examples for us 380 thousand year primates....their patient caring playfulness keeps them kittens all their lives....acrobatic 2 yr olds I call them...we feed them protect them inside and we get decades of purrrrfect tender companionship.....what a great loss to bear and compassion to end ravaging cancer


I'm so sorry...I ran humane societies and did humane law enforcement, I know how hard this is. Please accept my hug....

Thank you, there are so many little adjustments after 11 years.
Hey, you're here???


Cats, dogs-placed on Earth to make life bearable when nothing goes right and celebrate life when times are good.


Sorry to hear. I lost my old man in March. He almost made it to 18. ❤️

Remi Level 7 June 7, 2019

Cats have been waiting 5 million years for primates to evolve into their full nurturing potential...some of us have been learning to love like cats....I am so sorry such longtime life mates have succumbed to cancers or painful illnesses

Remi, Sorry for you losing him, such a great life with you! Mine was only 13.


no doubt about it, cats are special, irreplaceable friends. but you can come close.
my condolences.


I am so sorry


Now look....


I’m so sorry! The worst thing about cats is they don’t live as long as people.


Yes they see the pictures in our minds through our eyes.....5 years 6 months 2 days my Service Cats Kiti6&Laila9 know my "soul" and plans before I get to the door they want me to stay...sorry cancer robbs you both of this living relationship

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