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"God has no part of this. There are more things possible in this earth than you could ever dream of. There is no death; there's only life. Life can breathe itself into anything."

From The Frankenstein Chronicles

Thatguy72 3 Mar 11

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I agree and welcome to the community.

Thank you for the welcome


Nature as we call it can't lose but we can and will.


Hi Thatguy72 in my opinion you are 100 percent correct,as there is no god except in peoples minds,also there is no historical evidence the the biblical Jesus existed either.just mistranslated,misunderstood stories from previous writings and most likely from Asinius Polio who wrote the Caesars Historia the life and times of Julius Caesar,the Roman Civil war,crossing the Rubicon etc.


Through studies such as AI and genetics we're getting closer every day.

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