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So, I want to meet a woman, that wants to live a hybrid off the grid/ realistic modern life. Im a pro, lived completely off the grid for over 8 years. Being a purist isnt functional now a days, and I like my amenities. Is there such a lady?? I have 1 kiddo, almost 16. When she is raised, and off to school (or what ever she chooses) I think I want to go and live as close to the ground as is completely comfortable. Any thoughts?

Danvstheworld 4 June 7

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If you want a canned opinion, wow, cool . . . . .

If you want an honest opinion, I am cautious about people who want to live far from society in secluded places, because it means to me (this is just my take on it, originating from my prejudices brought on by experience with fucked up family members) that they have something to hide.

THHA Level 7 June 8, 2019

There is a TV series shown in the UK fronted by Ben Fogle where he spends a week with people living "off the grid" Some families some couple and some single persons, both male and female. Fascinating to get an insight into the lives of those people but I think they are the exception and most would struggle without the modern amenities we take for granted.

It doesn't bother me at all.

@Amisja So could you live without mains electricity and water.Heating by wood you have to cut yourself and have to hunt for most of the food you eat ?


Well we're in the same boat. I'm 7 miles off a paved road, solar, water catchment, garden, wood heat, etc. Not too many women want to live this way, they are rare. There is the solitude, quietness, and wide open spaces as a plus. I've been here 20 years now and with Annette gone I wonder how much longer I'll stay "out here"

Same here my daughter is almost grown, great place, woods Acerage but per haps a van down by the river would better suit my silver years.


I don't want to live off the grid but a sustainable property in a secluded area is about right.

Yes! Completely off the grid sucks... but sustainable life is achievable


No way.

I don't want to chop wood for heat and cooking; grow, harvest and preserve all my food, hunt for meat, churn butter, tend livestock, or read by kerosene lamps.

Freeze my ass off in the winter. I love electricity.

Sounds like living in the 1700s. Too much backbreaking work.

Would hate to see you freeze your ass off - sorry

Its about organisation and using what we know to make life easier. They knew less in 1700


How do you charge your devices? I have lived off grid lots.

Solar and a rigged generator. Best thing is not needing much

@Danvstheworld Yeah we have solar and wind at the Doon

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