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What do you think of the 25% tarifs place on Chinese goods?

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AirForceRN1 7 June 7

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Tariffs are simply a tool to get their attention

gater Level 7 June 8, 2019

I think the tariffs are kind of lciking th barn after the animals have already left or escaped.

For many years Corporate leaders have moved jobs to China, despite knowing that they would steal the technology form American companies. Why? For short term savings on labor costs which increased profits and made for huge bonuses for corporate executives and CEOs. All that concerned them ws the next quarter's profits, nto hte long term viability or ability to compete. Corporate leaders sold out for their own personal gains.

The Trump tariffs are nto even targeted to protect specific industries, such as those that still manufacture in the U.S., but are very broad and tax products which America doesnt' even produce, making consumers pay for it all, with small economic benefits if any at all. Non-targeted tariffs are actually mroe likely to hurt the U.S. economy that help it.


Tariffs are good for business but bad for consumers...


Globalisation and international trade is one of the factors in climate change. He may unintentionally be doing some good if he curtails it and people have to buy locally made products.


Way too low. Should be ten or hundred times higher. The socialist, Chinese government sponsored poisonous products must evaporate from the market. It will create certain temporary problems, but not a big deal for us. As the socialist hero Stalin stated, you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

zesty Level 7 June 7, 2019

Pretty simple. You are not obligated to purchase anything that was made in China or has components that were made in China. You may have to start by giving up your phone.

@itsmedammit Not that simple. Many times when I wanted to buy quality shoes, for instance, I asked in the store if there is a section for "No chicom trash" products. Unfortunately there was never one. BTW, phones. If not Motorola, nobody could have cell phones. The chicoms stole the technology.

@zesty That is my point - it would be nearly impossible for you to live the life you enjoy without any product input from China.

@itsmedammit Just the opposite. Without the low quality chicom products produced by slave labor we would have high level of automation and robotization of out industry resulting in a much better quality of life.

@zesty You can blame the Republicans for pushing for the trade with China.

@itsmedammit Not really. All of them pushed for this nightmare.


Stupid from mr stupid himself


I think we should all pitch in and buy this for the Mental Midget in Chief. Clearly he's got NO clue who pays for tariffs. The thing is, we better do so quickly. We might be not able to afford $1.99 plus shipping, split between us, when those tariffs kick in and 😔


Trump is the 1st president we've had that understands business.

gater Level 7 June 7, 2019

He does! It's only second to his knowledge of good bankruptcy lawyers.


He lost a billion dollars back when a billion dollars was really a billion. He is good at stiffing people and filing for bankruptcy.

He may understand business, but he's not making money... And he doesn't understand people at all...

@Cutiebeauty his personal worth is over 3 billion - he donates all of his salary to charity.

@gater his personal worth? How do you know that without seeing his taxes? And most of his wealth he got from his father... He doesn't make any profit from his deals... He lost over a billion dollars! As for his approximately 200k presidential pay, that's really nothing to a so-called billionaire... And he wasn't the first politician to "work " without pay...

@Cutiebeauty you need to check your facts or you will be known as clueless beauty. His father gave him 40 million, Trumps corp is worth over 10 billion.
Learn some facts before you rant.

@gater lol you think this is a rant? More fake news... Check your pants or you'll be known as the gaydor raider... You like rhymes 😂😂😂😂

@Cutiebeauty No one will take you seriously if you keep posting crap like this

@gater just giving you back what you gave me...


How about economically stupid? It is a tax on consumers and it has already pretty much destroyed small time you bean farmers - you think they got those billions in relief? Big ag got the lion share of those.

What about the Welfare for the Rich corporate farmers? Get paid not to grow some specific crops and the devastation of being unable to sell their products to China! Trump says, he will cover them and other farmers losses due to his famous tariffs on China and other countries. And they are so stupid ... they will still support Trump and the Republicans! Ironically, they have no heart for the poor in our country Too many tarrifs from both sides could cause something (not as bad) like the 1929 Great Depression!


Gee, I don't it's fucking up My economic outlook.the Tariffs on Mexico is gonna drive us into an a Depression..just where the Drumpster wants us..just to please his Overlords..

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