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The Irish Pub Trump’s sons drank in stiffed the bar. They left without paying the tab. There excuse was we don’t carry cash.

Charliesey 7 June 7

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They could have gone to the hotel, gotten the cash, and went back to the bar. See? What a novel solution that would have been.

That would have taken some thought on their part, asking a lot aren't we?

@dalefvictor true, they can't spare the brain cells.

@altschmerz They have brain cells?


Beavis and Butthead. Very nasty, low-intelligence losers. Sad.


Like father, like sons!


Gee, do you think there are credit card readers in Ireland?


Generally I do not carry cash, however, I do pay because if I do not I will not be welcomed back, and I will get to spend time in jail. If you cannot pay do not use the service. What clods!


"stiffed the bar" ? never heard that expression before. Dad taught them well


They are too privileged to pay


Trump has sons ? never new that, how did that happen ? no mention of them on the news, are they just fucking scroungers . just googled the trump family. fuck me they are all mad


What a shameful lot. Every one of them. smh

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