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This is chilling.

bleurowz 8 June 8

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This only works on sheep

gater Level 7 June 9, 2019

Unfortunately there are a lot of sheep.


indeed;influence by groups cannot be un-
derestimated.i grew thick skin and a
concience at an early age-10 or 11yrs.


Explains why I enlisted in the NAVY 48 YEARS AGO ...not chilling ENRAGING


And no one ever got rich or powerful by telling people. You are doing fine and don't need anything now.


This is the most basic principle of the Hermann Goering Manual of Governance. It works hand-in-hand with his principle of "tell people something often enough and they will believe it." We see these at work today and apparently working well.

Exactly. The parallels to today are scary.

@bleurowz The big question is: Have enough people learned from what happened in 1935 to apply that knowledge to what's being attempted right now? I worry that our young people are so naive about world history.

@mischl Agreed.


Rightly said.


And true.

THHA Level 7 June 8, 2019

This is why teaching History is so important!

They write the history books

@Buddha there is change underway
but when I voted on school board members-
MANY candidates were political
hacks & "yes men"-the educated /science leaning were few .

We write the history books, and they eat the pages.


It works every time!

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