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Somebody be my god damn friend in this fucked up world holy shit 😸

Destinyanne 4 June 9

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Being a friend is the best way to get a friend, in my opinion.

Rondo Level 4 Nov 18, 2019

Just need to keep plugging away...

lerlo Level 8 June 9, 2019

Hi Destinyanne. Welcome to the Show That Never Ends. Plenty of fancy and frolics here. We disagree a lot of the time but that’s part of interacting with people. If you don’t want to think like anyone else you’ll love it. Good luck with finding an avocado lover!


I will


She looks disappointed to me.


Date a cannibal.


Shes looking at a dragons egg

gater Level 7 June 9, 2019

I've watched that episode. I believe it was the first episode, am I correct? I have issues following shows on regular TV so I didn't keep watching. I'll wait till the show is final and over then watch them. I like this method much better.

@Vintenar Its an early one, not sure if its the 1st - Was a great show but the ending sucked.


I can't say I have a lot of friends but I do have a lot of friendly aquantences .


Looks like a dinosaur egg


Is that an avocado or an armadillo .


Be happy to be a friend

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