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Does anyone care to help me get the remaining 800 points to level 8? I can't offer you anything but my eternal appreciation. πŸ˜‚

Kynlei 8 June 9

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How long did it take for you to get from 7.0 to 8.0? (Just curious!).

Hmm, I don't remember exactly. Month, month and a half?

@Kynlei Just wondered, cuz I've been stuck in the 7 point somethings for what seems like three months or more!

@davknight It all depends on how interactive you are with the site. Posts and comments get you the most points.


Here's some points! Good luck!


I'm waiting for my eternal Appreciation '

It's in the mail.

@Kynlei I'll be looking forward to getting them .


No I will not help you get extra points! πŸ˜‰


Happy to help


OK I'll help...


Happy to help.


Liked your every comment ... will respond too!


What kind of bliss do you expect to experience once you will have crossed the threshold?
IMHO the whole grading system is stupid and serves as an incentive for many people to post crap just to garner points

And yet here you gave her points anyway lol.

Oh, it's going to be the most pleasurable and enjoyable sexual experience of my life, only the whole time I am level 8. That's one of the perks.

@altschmerz, @Kynlei are you a virgin?

@Lorajay 1. Virginity is a religious construct

  1. I'm a newlywed, so, Haha no.
  2. What the fuck does that have to do with anything?

Here's a like and a comment for some points.


I'm sorry; I refuse to contribute without a more material enticement on your part.

JimG Level 8 June 9, 2019

I might have some change in my wallet I could send you.

@Kynlei That's okay. I just wanted an excuse to post that video.


That seems like an excessive amount of appreciation but hey if you are offering ....! Lol


I love this site however posting just to get points is often an irritation to me. At least you're honest about it so here goes.

I don't know either to be honest. I just see other people making similar posts and I can't stand up to peer pressure.


I don't really understand why it is important to get there, but I don't mind helping.


@freeofgod @admin I have been at level 8 for several weeks now and still no t'shirt.

@ToolGuy it'll get to you.

I just want to be one of the cool kids.

@ToolGuy send a pm to sitesupport... She's in charge of the T-shirt's, not admin.. She helped me immediately...

@Cutiebeauty I think I tried that but did it again although I could not find a contact that said site support.

@ToolGuy sitesupport is a member here in the community like everyone else... Browse members, enter "sitesupport"... Her profile will be displayed... Msg her... Or just look at the bottom of the Senate group where the mods are listed and click on sitesupport there...

@JimG Or to my estate?

@ToolGuy I sincerely hope you live long enough to wear it.

@JimG Not looking good so far. I now have more points on the way to level 9 after achieving level 8 than required for the other 7 levels β€” combined!


Here is a little something to get you over the hump.


Here you go, have a few points on me!


Yo , how close are you to levelling up?

At 652 now. 😁

@Kynlei yeah keep posting anything and everything on your mind; that’s my best suggestion.

@Kynlei kind of reminds me of a game with the levels πŸ˜‚


Keep posting I'll do what I can with comments and likes .



lerlo Level 8 June 9, 2019


lerlo Level 8 June 9, 2019

and I only need 9,939 more points so if I respond to this post 990 more times I should be close...

lerlo Level 8 June 9, 2019

nope I won't help you πŸ™‚

lerlo Level 8 June 9, 2019

Is my eternal appreciation in the mail also? More points.

Oh yes, Express shipping.




Helping !

Ohub Level 7 June 9, 2019

Just let it happen naturally, be patient, you'll survive if you don't get to the 800 at Mach 10 speeds.

Thanks for the points, I guess. πŸ™„

@Kynlei I guess , What kind of gratitude is that ?

@Besalbub Because I still got the points, but it was somewhat passive aggressive.

@Kynlei You got the 800 points great !

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