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Neo Nazis, white nationalists are currently the biggest threat to world peace. Its especially horrendous in the USA.

What incidents in their lives led them to believe they are better than minority groups? That it is okay to be violent against people who are NOT white heterosexual males?

Katsarecool 7 June 9

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it's called being raised by racist parents usually

lerlo Level 8 June 10, 2019

Nazi racists are all about feelings of male Entitlement on turf....preserving white female purity for their exclusive ownership
....the opposite of free love is violent theocratic fascist militarism ....Hitler wanted a Volkswagen for every family TrumpOLINI wants a giant gas guzzling mud runner pick up truck the KKK wants to drag black men in chains bolted to the towing hitch....


I've wondered this myself.
During the Charlottesville rally and subsequent violence, parents saw their son on TV carrying a tiki torch and spouting White Supremacist talking-points to reporters. He was about 24 years old and they watched with total disbelief that YES that was their son. The parents put out a statement telling him never to come home until he's abandoned the "blood and soil" ideas he'd picked up.
What did happen to these people that led them down this path? Who knows? Just as everybody's road to happiness or contentment is unique, so is the path to bigotry.


Try googling "white supremacy" or "christian identity". I had commonly heard that, here in the SE US, the idea has been/is preached from many church pulpits. Reading about the origins online just now, it's not so clear cut as that.

Zster Level 8 June 9, 2019
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