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At what point, if any, does a human being quit having the right to live?

Feel free to apply any possible scenario, as I am not sure I believe in absolutes.

Piratefish 7 June 9

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At the point they become a threat to the continued existence of their fellow human beings!

Better start lining up a lot of politicians and some CEOs. πŸ˜€


If anyone attempted to take advantage of my family in a physically, threatening way in their own homes I would have no hesitation or regrets in taking their life to protect my people.

I would also willing take any incarceration related to the offence. I would gain solace in knowing that the gene pool had been cleansed of another abusive and potentially murderous fuckwit.


Multiple and/ or planned murders. But if an abuser was taken down, light to no sentence…

Varn Level 8 June 10, 2019

There's probably a difference between moral and legal in this respect.

I can easily relate to the legal side of it on terms of 'a life is worth a life' but the moral side is probably more complicated. I understand that there was no difference in the Mosaic law but that changed very quickly to accept less 'equal' punishments for murder. Was this morality over law? It might be no coincidence that at the same time the Bible was being written, the Greeks were also modifying their tit-for-tit approach to murder by placing the law into the hands of the state instead of the murdered person's relatives. The result was the same: the number of deaths went down.

Are these signs that the right to live often trumped basic justice?

Excellent points!


When they are a lethal danger to another and fuck up their life.
Life is precious, not sacred.


A little off topic, but I often wonder how people who wantonly murder other people's loved ones go on living. I think if someone killed a person I loved, I would need him dead.


I would have no problem with taking away the right to live from any human being who willfully kills a child.

I could almost say the same about someone who sexually abuses a child, but not sure I am 100% of this in every situation.

You won't find me in the camp of people against capital punishment. I have looked in the eyes of very evil people and know that there is not redeeming value in them at all...none.


The Constitution says we all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which might be considered by some to be a source of rights. We're not supposed to deprive others of this "right". I don't believe in capital punishment. I don't think we should kill people especially not the State.


Seems to me there is no "right" to live, since we all die.

1of5 Level 8 June 9, 2019
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