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It's just sad really... ☹

Captain_Feelgood 8 June 10

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Racism is just wrong, no matter what race is targeted.


@Captain_Feelgood I wonder if that poster is for real or is it a false flag attack.

@QuidamOutrepont There are people that think that way.. Very sad.


Just a bunch of anxiety-ridden college kids, guilt-tripped into self-hatred by their sociology professors, and urged on by police provacateurs, and too dumb/naive to know it! I started calling academia "macadamia" twenty years ago. Because you meet a lot of nuts in macadamia!

Macadamia.... that's a good one. 👍


Crazy is everywhere.

Athena Level 8 June 10, 2019

So you don't believe CNN?

They make no bones about it... it's what they do.. If you watch this and still deny it, you're not being intellectually honest.

In case you didn't notice, Snopes didn't say that this was NOT a Antifa poster... they only quoted some Antifa member saying they didn't post the flyer..... Like they're really going to admit to it... What they did do is the typical projection bs trying to blame somebody else putting it up trying to make them look bad.. It's a shame, for them, that there's so many videos out there showing them screaming these very sentiments, and there's nothing they can say to deny that...

@Ms_McSteven 1- The poster doesn't say anything about KKK, and when did I say I prefer to let the Nazis and KKK run wild? I didn't, so don't put words in my mouth. The poster is about 'white' people. 2- Projection is certainly not a strategy designated to "the right". It's very often used by "the left"... In fact, you saying it's a strategy of the right is a prime example of it right there... Much like you putting words in my mouth. Another pathetic political strategy used by both sides of the stream. 🙄
I say everybody has the right to say what ever they want no matter how stupid and/or bigoted it is, it's a right protected by the 1st. We all know that. Lots of folks have died protecting that right. If you think it's okay to try and silence people, then you are the problem. If you are sticking up for Antifa, you certainly are the problem.

@Captain_Feelgood "Friendlies will be wearing baseball caps and sunglasses!".

@Ms_McSteven Pffft.... yeah, you're probably right... Hell, in fact, I bet all those idiots protesting Conservative speakers at Universities, breaking windows and setting fires, I bet they were all right wingers trying to make Liberals look stupid as well.. Yeah.. That's what's going on... Hell, do you think maybe all those idiots wearing white sheets, burning crosses, wearing MAGA hats while beating up black people are really just Liberals trying to make Conservatives look bad? NAAAAH, they would never do that... OH WAIT... THAT DID HAPPEN! So who knows... 🙄👌

@Captain_Feelgood Sometimes you have to fight fascism with fascism. Everybody knows that, you far-right troglodyte.

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