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If you could call yourself five years ago and had 30 seconds, what would you say?

Mine: Start saving money, finish school and don't get married!

Redcupcoffee 7 Mar 12

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March 22, Powerball #s ...

godef Level 7 Mar 12, 2018

@NerdyOkieDude Road trip! What's a few hundred miles after travelling 5 years?


Thirty seconds is a lot more time than we think. You can get in about 125 words. So here goes:

Leave your husband NOW. You will be okay. Start therapy NOW. Do not take the management job, you will be miserable. Start writing again NOW. Become good friends with Plum and Shannon NOW, they will be invaluable assets. Value yourself NOW, you are enough and you need to start treating yourself as such. Get back on your bicycle NOW, you love it and you deserve to do the things that you love. Pay more attention when your son starts taking algebra, he's gonna need your help long before he gets in over your head. And while you're at it, start teaching him more life skills NOW and save yourself the headache later. And remember, no matter what happens in this life, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

That's 124 words. The bigger question is would I be able to shut up long enough to listen to myself? And can I leave it in a voice mail so I could listen to it over and over again? It's a lot to take in... but all of it is important.

@Redcupcoffee Thank you for making me think about it. It's a great exercise. Now I'm wondering what I should tell myself today that I'll wish I'd said five years from NOW....

@Redcupcoffee Because I don't have the foresight. Hindsight is much easier to use. Besides, right now, I'm actively choosing my path. I don't think I can do much more than that. <3


I'd have to go back a lot farther than just 5 years for any advice to mean anything.
If I could go back 38 years, I'd know what to say.
Don't get married, and BUY APPLE.


"Record more video. Lots more. I know it feels awkward and sad but deal with those feelings. Then, record MORE video."

My dad lived for 5 years with Stage IV lung cancer after being diagnosed. I wish I had recorded more video of him and my son.


Grow your beard. You're cutting your potential. Visit your grandma more. Google hanayama. And go back to school full time for an msw.


Don't sell your Star Wars action figures! You'll regret it and as it turns out, it won't be worth it!


I wouldn't do it. To change anything in my past would change who I am now.


You're already fucked, just hang on!

JeffB Level 6 Mar 12, 2018

Retire now....
Oh wait, I did that


I'd say don't bother. The education was worthless and you'll never succeed. And try to leave utah


"Put more money into your 401K! You're gonna need it!"


good question..mmm ..hard question... for financial freedom buy bitcoin for sure..
but every action has its consequence.... the ultimate question is..if I would do something different..would i still be with my partner? I would say love your wife and do not do anything to harm and cause her further pain.


2 words: leave him. Lol


Put as much money as possible into my I.r.a and don't buy the 99 TRANS AM!!!

You are breaking my heart! I have a 96' and an '02 T/A and they have kept me going many a times 😟


I'd say: you really are gonna make it -- professionally and personally. And things will be more wonderful than they've ever been.


Question everything.


Replace the tap in the kitchen and the hot water pipe in the main bathroom vanity, they are both going to fail in 2 years. In 4 years time when that Christian girl who works at the hospital coffee shop asks you to have sex with her, say "NO", it isn't worth the ensuing dramas. Don't have the eye surgery and get help ripping out the palm trees. Other than that your next 5 years goes pretty much to plan.


I'd like to be 16 years old again and have a "do over" of my entire life knowing what I know now.

There are so many things I would do differently. I might write a book about how I would have done better if I made better choices. But mostly I have been happy and successful. @Redcupcoffee

I am working on a book right now. I have about 300 pages but the information is not organized. My information is all about debunking the Bible. @Redcupcoffee


Go to school to get a career in the healthcare field.

@Redcupcoffee I was an auto mechanic, I forgot about the 5-year time limit though. I was thinking about what I would have told myself after high school.

@Redcupcoffee I enjoyed it too, even if my back could handle it, while I was out of work for a little while I had my tools at home and the one time I didn't lock my toolbox someone broke into the garage and stole about $7000 worth of tools. Insurance paid less than half of that. Can't buy new tools without a job. Can't get a job without tools. I ended up getting a construction job. I do like not needing to pay someone to fix my car. I've never bought a new car or had a car payment in my life either. lol


Go hug prince and David Bowie

@NerdyOkieDude well worth it.


Buy Apple APPL


Don't Do IT!!!!~


Practice patience practice gratitude go to school love more live more laugh more


LOL You're a scream!

Me to self "Stop twisting yourself up and get bitchy", "Take real classes, NOW". "Put more on the principle of the house".


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