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Well, yeah!

MissKathleen 9 June 10

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I'm with you. Small talk is a good conversational opener. But after a while, it gets kind of inane and superficial. I prefer deeper subjects like philosophy and current events. The best subjects are kind of taboo: religion and politics.


What's up?

@MissKathleen Sorry. I couldn't resist.


My suggestion, with a woman like you, is that we get a bottle of good wine, get in bed naked, and have a session of radical honesty. No sex, necessarily, but totally honest about our wants and needs. I've made some of my best friends that way.

mischl Level 8 June 11, 2019

@MissKathleen Exactly that...a woman who would post such a meme. Which I regard as admirable and desirable.

@MissKathleen Sorta. Not exclusive and not healthy enough for sex.


May I suggest you study the Social Sciences, the mix of ethereal scientific approaches is ind expanding to the maximum.
Drop me a line should you wish to know more.

@MissKathleen In that case, I suggest you read C. Wright Mills Sociological Imagination. He's my favourite sociologist. Died the same year I was born.
I love the ways that physcology, sociology, criminology, politics (oh Brexit & Trump) philosophy and politics work with each other. If the world interests you, then take a look at James Burkes 'Connections' and old but wonderful TV series from the 1970s/80s. Find it on Youtube.


I thought atoms were "small" talk. Death is simply a property of life, which itself has no meaning. It is merely a property of complex chemicals that enable them to reproduce themselves, some more effectively than others, by using sexual differentiation.
So what do you wish REALLY to discuss?

Petter Level 9 June 11, 2019

@MissKathleen Their mummy and daddy? 😁😃😜🤣😂

@MissKathleen Yes. Hair, skin, bone, organs, some even have brains! 🤣😂

You said, "Death is simply a property of life, which itself has no meaning." I'm glad that's all it has meant to you. But for me, death has affected my life profoundly.

@dare2dream The death of others does affect individuals, often strongly. I was talking in the abstract - of the overall concept of inevitable death in the universe.


Aliens and crop circles, the Sumerians, human subspecies which have died out and the missing link (aliens), fusion and new practical technology, etc.
I'm way more interesting than most people.

@MissKathleen Many, many times (can't you tell?)!
Mescaline.(10+...more, more!)
Peyote (3...killed my dog)
LSD ( to do it again some time)
Cocaine (12...too pricey and addictive)
Meth ( but unfortunately deadly)
Heroin (1...threw up all day)
In Gainesville lived next to a cow pasture for a year...I was very popular at parties, always had a bagful of 'shrooms. For years went out mornings after rain to my favorite fields.
Best stuff ever if you remember not to mix with alcohol. Since I don't drink anymore, not a problem.
It's been years since I've done any kind of drug. Shrooms and LSD only things I miss even a little!

@MissKathleen Shrooms are the answer to every question. Afterwards you see your life with absolute clarity; total resolution of every issue; complete harmony with the universe; the jewel-encrusted road before you is wide, endless, and beckons invitingly...this lasts until someone says something annoying.

@MissKathleen lol


So , what's up?
Any entangled electrons lately?

@MissKathleen the best kind, it really is amazing how they happen to stay entangled.

@MissKathleen has anyone ever figured out with this is so, or how it was first discovered?

@MissKathleen Political spin entanglement is fascinating!

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