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Did you all see the CNN survey that said that more than 50% of likely voters believe Donald Trump will be re elected? Boy that is despairing. Are we really that small minded a nation that this could happen?

Bigwavedave 8 June 11

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we live in interesting times

btroje Level 9 June 12, 2019

Not only that, but I predict he will win the popular vote as well.

alon Level 6 June 11, 2019

@alon and why do you say that?


Who are these people? Nobody I know would vote for him.

@confidentrealm I am surrounded by them

@Bigwavedave oh my. I'm sorry your neighbors are naive and have swallowed the pill. What van be done to change their views?

@confidentrealm nothing. The cult is c a f


Scary unless we unite to kick him out and take back Senate

bobwjr Level 9 June 11, 2019

@bobwjr. that's quite a task. Nc needs to step up. And Maine needs to jettison collins

Indeed ,representatives are and have been responding
TO THE PEOPLES needs,the senate is bought and paid for.
As mitch mcconnell has been sitting on a bill 15 months
for background checks on guns ,like he did Supreme Court nominationS . Twisting and contorting the CONSTITUTION,which required a vote.


The humble French fry may save us yet!


I think when the field gets narrowed down, many people will get more excited and pay attention. Remember that the world has changed and unless it is in the moment, very little is planned or thought about....I think many people voted for tRump last time in a last minute decision to get something different and not Hillary...

I also think that making people feel despair is a good tactic to keep them home...what is the use?...that is why I think those who continue to post things against the party are really working for the Russians (😉 )...create a sense of hopelessness so good people won't come out and even try...

We are not a small minded nation but a gullible one...those who still believe in tRump are not going to get any more wiser to his dangerous and unfounded policies...those who see him for the blowhard he is and not seeing results in a real, measurable way must continue to remain positive...and put our money where our mouths are on the best candidate

@thinktwice you think the Russian interference is that pervasive? It really seems like mitch and Donald have turned our country into a kleptocracy. They are just plain stealing everything they can get away with.

What I don't understand is why virtually all the rest of the gop stands by. Ultimately this will end . And a lot of people will be going to jail. I am against impeachment. Vote him out and put them all in jail.

@Bigwavedave I put a winky eye there because, no...I think it is good old fashioned dirty politics and mind must see that in business...erode the confidence of your competitors so they let down their guard and you can swoop in for the sale...they just play more subtly so that they can get away with it on smart people...being obvious would be the memes, etc. In other words, smart people usually shoot themselves in the foot...don't buy into the despair

@thinktwice agree,they lose nothing.thier risk is nominal.
The confidence of 1person=1vote does matter.We had little choice/ now 20 flavors...
The herd of candidates has to be winnowed to common
sense solutions,not bickering.


They don't have faith in the Democratic Party, apparently. Can't say I blame them. I don't have much faith in a lot of voters either.

@altschmertz do you think it is because there are 20 people running?

@Bigwavedave I think it's because 20 people who aren't really very progressive and don't have a better platform than "I'm not Trump" are running. Bernie and Warren are the better ones, but I don't know if they'll win. And there are those who say either they'd never vote for either one, or are saying neither of them could possibly win because they're too far to the left – which isn't going to inspire a lot of non-voters. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when Hillary won the primaries in 2016.

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