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I just found out that my oldest son's wife left him. Took the girls, moved out. I assume it was another of his extramarital affairs, or perhaps his lack of anger management.

I haven't seen or spoken to any of them in four years. Still, I'm wondering how he's going to make this all my fault. I'm glad he doesn't have my phone number to rage at me.

She turned him against me. He declared me dead. The girls don't know their grandmother.

I'm kind of giddy-sad, if that makes any sense.

Ms_McSteven 7 June 11

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Glad that I am done with my family once the funeral day is over next week. After that, there's really nothing left except attending a few funerals unless I decide to come visit my siblings or their spouses if they get gravely ill and only if they ask me to visit.

The true meaning of FROST: MENDING WALL....the distance of rocks piled along the property line 2 foot wide or 2 thousand miles makes a good fence IF BUILT COoperatively TOGETHER.....bad families should be kept away from each other and a funeral good bye probably protects us in formal society from the unexchanged love ugly are wise Tom to remain true to Atheism and rebuff xian siblings who gave no kindness to your loving spouse

@GreenAtheist My other siblings attended my late wife's memorial service and conducted themselves appropriately, as also did my father. My younger sister did the no show, no notify or explanation. She recently apologized to me about it, but I took it as too late and insincere. It's much more complex than just being about religion, but I don't want to go into it here on the boards. My two younger siblings actually seem to be fairly non-religious.


Yes, it makes sense but it still a sad thing all round.


Perhaps now she sees how wrong she was an about you.

@Ms_McSteven Don't be so sure about that. Perhaps you should try to reach out to her and see what happens. She may see the situation completely different now. And besides she will need you.

@Ms_McSteven Seems to me like your son is not a nice person, not to you, not to his wife and not to his children. Do you really think you want to have anything to do with him. If he needs you let him come on your terms not his.

@Ms_McSteven Yes, it is hard. All the time we hope that they will change and apologise but deep down we know it will not happen. It is all about leopards and spots.


Sounds like a double dose of alienation....I am so sorry people rage and betray family many states grandparents have visitation rights to small grandchildren pre teens usually .....teens can refuse visitation with any non custodial party ....if state social services are already involved make your wishes known to authorities...they may appoint special counsel for the children and preserve their equal rights to see their grandparents....of course the evil female birthing your grandchildren may resist your rights as she already poisoned your troubled son against you

Any issue in contested divorce and custody hearings may have a clerk or judge encourage you to get separate counsel from his and hers and kids....if you witnessed and danger to your grandchildren you have a duty to report it all now

@Ms_McSteven so sorry you broke your leg and your brutal insensitive son is a local fool with long distance stupidity.....however you have been informed of the birth mom abducting his daughters, that seems to be the only crime you can report to authorities best reported by him ....letting it all go may save you from further insults and grief....perhaps your granddaughters will seek you out some safe and don't let those 4 manipulate or demand anything like money free babysitting or co-habitation without copious apologies and documented confessions to authorities of their past abuse of you


That's sad. I sympathize.


I get it .. kinda like “I told you so”. We as mothers love being right about stuff.

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