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Curious how the patriotic words of The Star-Spangled Banner are set to a British tune!

Pre Beatles as well! Interesting also that Jimi didn’t sing it, he just played the music!

Hmmmm. I wonder what this is saying?

Geoffrey51 8 June 13

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Next you're going to figure out that Christmas and New Year's Day are exactly a week apart, ask how long that's been going on, and then wonder what the odds are that it's been happening for as long as it has.

Then you'll realize it was that way even before the Beatles...

Those long winter nights must just fly by.

Nah! Cracked that one the other week.

@Geoffrey51 I'm surprised you did it that fast.

It speaks volumes that you admit to it.


You may remember that the people of Early America were largely of British origin, and brought over/adapted many British melodies. The song you mentioned was set to the tune of "Anacreon on High", an English drinking song. "Yankee Doodle" was an English composition, meant to poke fun at the American rebels, who adapted it for themselves. Many colonial Americans brought over fiddles, and many a tune, already committed to memory. It was common for them to adapt new sets of lyrics to the melodies they'd brought over from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England. The same thing happened in Australia, which, as you know, was founded as a replacement, for the loss of the American colonies.

Australia was founded as a penal colony. Not the same thing.

@MattChanning1 To replace the lost North American penal colonies. The very same thing! Virginia,and Maryland were popular places for 'transportees' to be sent to. So was Massachusetts.Georgia was founded as a penal colony. In seventeenth and eighteenth-century Britain, you could be sentenced to transportation for something as trivial as stealing a spoon. After the American Revolution, Britain was forced to find an alternative locale, to ship convicts to. Thus, the founding of the New South Wales Colony.Go to, to get an idea of what sort of "criminals" were transported.


It’s saying:

  1. The Beatles didn’t exist when the poem was written and later set to music.

  2. Lots of American poems were set to English tunes.

  3. Jimi enjoyed playing more than singing.

And finally:

  1. Not all atheists are intellectually adroit.

You are complaining.?. The UK national anthem has this verse

Oh! grant that Marshal Wade
May by thy gracious aid
Victory bring;
May he sedition hush,
And like a torrent rush
Rebellious Scots to crush,
And the French King!

Although it is never sung these days.

If you watch the England team playing today in the world cup they will sing "God save the Queen" which is the UK anthem, whilst the Scottish team will sing "Flower of Scotland" written by a folk singer a few years ago.
There has been a move to have a separate English national anthem and a popular favourite is " Jerusalem" Honestly. Imagine an England team playing in some far flung country who had never heard this hymn. They would wonder if it was England or Israel they were playing.

I know! I always thought the National Anthem was a bit naff but when I found out that bit about beating shit out of the Scots I was horrified!

Scotland doesn’t deserve to be tied up with the English nonsense.


It is not saying anything.

First, many folk tunes and early tunes are adapted to a previous tune. Its very common. In musicology its called a rake. Many early American tunes are adapted to British tunes because that who they were before becoming an American, and its the same language (sort of- lol).

P.S. British music coming to America didn't begin with the Beatles. Lol

Second, Jimi only played the music because he a guitrarist before being a singer. The star-spangled banner is a very difficult song to sing. It would venture it was out of his singing range. He also was attempting a difficult riff and probablybtook most of his concentration.

t1nick Level 8 June 13, 2019

Written by a white Supremacist and slave holder. THe 3rd stanza is anything but patriotic.

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