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The US military is not briefing the US president on major cyber warfare operations against a hostile foreign power because they do not trust the president not to betray those operations to that hostile foreign power.

Charliesey 7 June 16

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I wish they'd stage a coup!


I'm pretty sure they don't trust Trump to flush the Oval Office toilet on his own all of the time. Why the hell would they trust him with warfare ops of any kind?

Ha, ha, love it !!!


I thought it was because they refused to print the briefings in crayon, so POTUS would pay attention to it. Learn something new every day.

1of5 Level 8 June 17, 2019

When I saw this earlier, the first thought I had was how America is starting to look like a banana republic and powers within are starting to joust for power.

gearl Level 7 June 16, 2019

I really believe they are just trying to protect the country from this imbecile. With absolutely no help from the Republican Senate in reigning in this train wreck, they really have no choice.


Pentagon runs the show. Wtf does"hostile" mean actually? I'm guessing sovereign nations who dare to disagree with American Exceptualism.
I'm sure the foreign powers are well aware if US interference in their domestic affairs.

powder Level 8 June 16, 2019

They undoubtedly are - after the fact. POTUS would give them a heads up before its happened.

@1of5 and America as a nation wonders why it is disliked. One rule for us, others for the rest. Why? Because America is an exceptional nation, superior to others. The land of the free.
It really is becoming a bad joke.

@powder becoming a joke? It's been a joke for as long as I remember. We're just people who are overly enamored with our own success, while simultaneously ignoring our massive failures - like the majority of the world's population. We just happen to have nukes and a can do attitude when it comes to killing people.

@1of5 as I started with, pentagon runs the show. I fear nothing will change until that changes. We need another Kennedy who intended to break up and scatter the CIA into the wind. But do the Pentagon as well.

@powder Pentagon? Try our military industrial complex as a whole.

@1of5 head of the snake

@powder lol reverse it. They get what they want.


We are not living in the best of situations at the moment. I hope we can weather the shitstorm long enough.

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