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What do you think this means? Iran shooting down an American drone. []

ToolGuy 8 June 20

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Trump always does what "we" wouldn't do, if for no other reason than to keep his critics off balance. He just likes to make us crazy. He's like an angry teenager. If I could talk to anyone in the executive branch, ask an honest question and get a thoughtful level headed answer that wasn't passed through multiple political filters, I'd ask why they haven't talked about getting those assholes to pay for what they just destroyed. I actually wouldn't put it past some of our people to have shot down our own droid to have a reason to go to war, but I don't need to go there. If we can't get some people to agree the sky is blue, we won't get them to admit anything like that. Just stop being stupid with money. 1.5 trillion $ tax gift to the rich, billions for a vanity wall that was promised Mexico would gladly cover, lots of things, now 110 million dollar loss that no one says theses guys won't pay for either...


If push comes to shove, America will lose a carrier. And as they are the aggressors, I will have little sympathy

Go Persia!!!!!

powder Level 8 June 21, 2019

They have the right to defend themselves no? Or is that only for Israel. Wish Syria would shoot them down too.

powder Level 8 June 21, 2019

How is it that the drone is in Iran's space? You like the idea of Russian drones over Your house, do ya?


Diversion from actual events

bobwjr Level 9 June 20, 2019

I think it means Bolten is in hog heaven and Trump has another reason to dance a happy dance. Bolten can enrich the military industrial complex and kill some more Muslims. Trump can divert attention and keep us in chaos. We are doomed.


Since those things are operated by a guy sitting in a bunker in New Mexico, I would say that there is a fair chance that maybe a wingtip crossed into Iranian air space.


It means Iran is more capable militarily than Iraq or Afganistan were. Don't do it donny

If it's the wrong thing to do, he'll do it. You know, to keep shaking things up.

Additionally, I've never heard that when he explains his reasoning for doing anything, it helps anyone understand or agree about it (other than the todeys in the Senate). His only MO is to do the opposite of what anyone else in his position had done before. He's a one-trick pony and it's not even a skilled trick. That's all he's done his entire life and his record is dismal. I'm still dumbfounded how his followers continue to drink the Kool Aid. They just won't admit they were wrong, though I understand that's hard to do. That takes integrity, awareness, care for truth and honesty and reverence for proper government and a healthy society among other things so, there you go.


That Iran has the same tolerance for drones with cameras on them (spy planes) buzzing around thier territory that I do. That's if it was actually them that downed it. I don't believe a word this administration utters beyond is, it, and that.

1of5 Level 8 June 20, 2019

Since the US Military denies it was one of theirs, I'm thinking it was probably operated by CIA.

Same difference!

@Marionville Actually, the Military would stand on one leg, and whine loudly if it was one of theirs. While the CIA would simply not comment on it, or deny it completely.

@davknight Either way it’s the the outside world there is no difference.


That it was violating Iranian airspace....what do you think?

War drums are sounding.

@ToolGuy Unfortunately!

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