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Hello Kitty 😻😸

Agnieszka 7 June 21

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Hate cats much ? My Service Cats fail all those fake tests above ....not swat flies like cats kill birds reflex inherited teeth&claws

@Agnieszka great !! I don't make jokes at kitty expense presuming illness or hate when my Service Cats only embody tenderness 24/7 with me 5 years 6 months 19 days now

@Agnieszka ok I feel ya....go ahead with dark humor....Don Rickles style on Evo was with me exactly 11 years November 5th 1987 1998 I still dream and hear her purring in my ear where she slept on my pillow


Once upon a time cats were worshiped as gods... They will never forget it.


That’s purrrrrrfect πŸ˜‰

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