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ENERGY Level: Am I an analomy?
60 years old. Roofing, about 12-1400 hours per year.

I have put in about 42 hours this week...roofing, running estimating. Blasted out 4 1/2 straight hours of guitar last night.
Band practice tonight will work tomorrow at least 6 hours.
OTOH, there were 2 nights this week that I was in bed by 7:30, especially after one very long 11 hr. day.
So yes there is always the "crash'. Recuperate and recover this kind of normal? how you doing at 60?

twill 7 June 21

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Update: band practice was rough. Band got off track, I couldn't focus.
Worked 5 hours, took a two hour nap today.

twill Level 7 June 22, 2019

i was doing great at 60. of course i was retired & just golfed & enjoyed my beer & wine at that time.
didn't really feel any different from 50. over 70 the years caught up to me.


Normal if you're supporting a cocaine habit. 🙂

1of5 Level 8 June 21, 2019

geez, that's cynical.

@callmedubious just experience with every roofer over 50 I've ever meet. It's hard work that usually breaks people by that age. 🙂

@1of5 When watching how a lot of them work, it's no wonder. I've always looked for easier,more efficient, effective ways of getting the job done and invested in tools and to make it easier.

That said, there are days when you just gotta bull through it


I don't feel diminished stress. I do think I could use more sleep, but still hike and work full time, about 50 hours a week. Part of my job is in the office but most is driving to clients homes and helping them resolve their issues. the great part is there are beautiful trails including part of the Appalachian Trail in my area of our county. I guess I think if I stop doing that I wouldn't feel as good and be as healthy.

Haha. I meant diminished energy, but was thinking I have more stress..

@gigihein Activity breeds Activity.

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