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No scapegoats allowed for atheists.

ownworstenemy 7 June 22

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I like Penn Jillette.


It doesn't address the need many have for forgiveness that leads to everlasting life.

I'm enjoying the poet William Blake's concept of The Last Judgment as a time when people judge each other for the last time. He has some really curious alternative understandings of scriptural ideas.

Not in his case, I believe. He was a genius.

They may wish for an everlasting life but there is no evidence of one. They live the only life they have in delusion.

There is as far as they are concerned. Hebrews 11:1 explains their position. My point is that what's said above is no use to a believer.


There are zero alleged bad gawds just as there are zero alleged good gawds so Flip Wilson saying in drag THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT is funny but fucked up....we Atheists are like Penn Gillette not claiming do overs in alleged after life lies

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