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Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers vetoes 4 abortion bills passed by GOP legislators--- excellent!


NoPlanetB 8 June 22

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Finally a Governor with brains instead of bible


The Republican clowns in my state of Michigan are trying the same thing. [] There's a ballot petition drive underway too; if that passes as a ballot initiative, certain types of abortion would become illegal without the possibility of veto. These are dangerous fucking times to be a woman.


I live here. A stunt for the GOP base since they knew he wouldn't sign it. Yet, anything of any importance that would benefit people who live here is being foot dragged and delayed or just ignored.

Your neighbor across the lake, Michigan, is stuck with the same bullshit- a Republican legislature who don't want the Democrat Governor to get another term (a woman Governor, of all things! gasp! quail!) and so they waste time with this kind of stunt. They even want to sell off public assets like toll bridges and airports rather than have a tiny gas tax to repair the roads, they're that allergic to taxes in principle.


GOOD. The point here is that the GOP and religious believers are all lying about abortions in every way possible. We do not need control over a woman's body.

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