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Interesting ideas on saving the human race. Do you think we can do this?
confidentrealm 7 June 22

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If the polluter cars are replaced with hydrogen and zero emissions technology and if the people own it NOT THE GREEDY MURDEROUS is already on it's way in California need it in 49 more states integrating with the whole world on condition of non-violence


I think we have to do this. As people believe it, I am hoping the greedy trackers in government are voted out unless they are part of the solution
Any politician paid by fossil fuel should not get the vote. laws should be passed that you can't take money from any big money interests. I am optimistic, because it just wd works better than botching about what's impossible and taking action y doing my homework on who isnt what we need. This is a dilemma when the most important agenda right now is getting DT out before or in 2020.


Save humans! Win valuable prizes!!!

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