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I got woke up at 3:50am by an earthquake. I'm in Kansas.

sewchick57 7 June 22

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Did your boyfriend jump on your bed?

Lol, it's just me, no body to jump on the bed.

Would you like someone to jump on your bed. ? Lol


I'm 25 miles east of San Francisco and we've had a couple lately. Welcome to the club.

Wrytyr Level 7 June 23, 2019

Sorry I farted really hard and I think it shook the entire state.

Just kidding. I didnt feel it but then I am in a hospital built to withstand a tornado so 🤷♀️

So sleepy I wish the earth would just rock me to sleep

My apartment is in a 2 & 1/2 story 1910 brick building. Good thing they're not stonger earthquakes!

@sewchick57 mine is on top of a ton of salt mines I'm scared of collapsing into if the quakes get too strong


Remember the muslim cleric said women scantily clad cause earthquakes SO Atheist women organized BOOBquake Day to flash their breasts all over the world just to piss off the liars for Mohammad

No quakes anywhere that day

@NoPlanetB don't flash my way just because you were not an Atheist activist against muslims 5 years ago

@NoPlanetB they chop off the heads of women in Saudi Arabia who dare challenge the words of males....I like Ghostbusters girls jokes about beefcake boys tips the tide back a bit about tits and ass everywhere

@NoPlanetB I am a size 62 B cup if you want me to legally go bare chested....ha ha ho ho 6'5" tall Red Man One who could FLY OVER THE COOKOO'S NEST


Earthquakes are such a trip.

1of5 Level 8 June 22, 2019

I googled earthquakes by states.....interesting that Kansas never had quakes but since 2014 has had many quakes.....maybe it is the fracking??????

It's definitely the fracking but if you say it, then all these people who coincidentally also believe climate change is a hoax so the government can put gay chemicals in the sky will tell you Kansas has always been on a fault line so it's COMPLETELY COINCIDENTAL that the earthquakes started the same time the fracking did, as is the fact that they slowed down substantially since they tightened fracking restrictions

Yeah, who could have guessed fracturing would cause earthquakes, lol.

There were two small earthquakes in western Kansas back in the 90s. But they were below 3 and I don't think anyone felt those.

I agree with you Lady Alyxandrea. I looked at your photos....very impressive.... @LadyAlyxandrea

@nicknotes how do my pictures prove the connection between earthquakes and fracking?

No ....just a simple compliment....@LadyAlyxandrea


It is now 10:17 p.m. in Kansas seconds after your post

Uhh, 3:50am this morning. Yes, it's 10:43pm now

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