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Who is planning to watch the Dem primary debates next week? A friend of mine is planning to attend watch parties for it, but I am just going to watch them at home later after recording them. I expect it's going to be pretty depressing and disgusting watching all but a few of them. Especially Biden and the other corporate Dems. Should be more interesting by the fall when most of them have dropped out and it's down to Bernie, Biden, Warren, and a couple others. That's what I'm guessing will happen.

TomMcGiverin 8 June 22

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Watching the first debate right now. I can't remember the name of the country in The Hunger Games, but we are clearly living in that type of society. The debate looks like the same kind of fucking game show that everything in that movie was as far as politics and government.


Going to go to a few watch parties by democrats I work with should be interesting and there will be alcohol YES 👍and women could be fun

bobwjr Level 9 June 23, 2019

Sounds worthwhile. I hope you meet someone to date there.

@TomMcGiverin unlikely but good for a few laughs

Alcohol sounds good.

@altschmerz yeah fun group


I'll DVR for later, after I get spoilers so I can be prepared for the nonsense and the rigged questions meant to prop Biden, skewer Sanders.

That's what I'm doing.That's why I'm skeptical of Bernie winning the nomination, because he is not only fighting the party leaders and establishment, he is also fighting the whole corporate media, who are the ones running the debates.


I notice you are from must have lots of candidates visiting in your area

Yes, but I usually ignore the clown circus...


@HowieHawkins20 is out to break the political backs of both polluter parties with the skill of someone able to actually be an honest President vetoing all corporations welfare

I saw your emoji, Larry. Who are you pissed off at, me?

@TomMcGiverin luv u Tom....all the dems are stealing plagiarizing telling their own lies for a GREEN NEW DEAL we Greens have been champions 9 years now our GREEN NEW DEAL of 2010 based upon Amory Lovins Rocky Mountain Institute PROJECTIONS expertly calculated THEN Biiden was the last to spin his plagiarism out and hypocritical dems all claimed he was plagiarizing 2 lobby groups....fake news won't tell the truth of GREEN PARTY and fake Democrat platforms are easy targets

@GreenAtheist So, you're pissed at all the Dem candidates? Please specify who you're mad at Larry.

@TomMcGiverin all of them are corporations tools undeserving of high office... Have you seen Tulsi one word billboard in Des Moines ? Complete waste of taxpayer dollars 2020

@TomMcGiverin even Marianne Williamson makes her money blowing air up corporations skirts and suits

@GreenAtheist I have seen one of hers near Iowa City and another outside Des Moines in a farm area.

@TomMcGiverin GREEDY murderous polluters are the problem and no Democrat has lifted a finger to fight them @HowieHawkins20 has fought 40 years and won @Clamshell after being arrested 5 times leading thousands to be arrested at least once each

@TomMcGiverin TULSI 2020 says nothing to boost pacifists and medical reefer voters who she is running for

@GreenAtheist I voted for Jill Stein last time in the general election and I will vote Green again this time in the general if the Dems nominate another corporate candidate. I don't play that lesser evil crap...

@TomMcGiverin luv ya ....most people forgot McGovern ran again '92 Clinton totally skipped Iowa and rope a doped Tsongas who had cancer....Ross Perot paid for the REFORM PARTY just to derail the Bush Crime Family....corporations have bribed the fake news to censor all truth telling candidates

@GreenAtheist I don't think it's so much that other corporations bribe the corporate news media to censor or ignore progressive or truthful candidates, it's just that both groups have shared interests and a shared agenda of maintaining the status quo of the system by keeping power between the two corrupt major parties. So the media supports the corporations in everything they do instead of workers and the interests of the masses.

@TomMcGiverin I would call the PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE COMMISSION a corporation bribery system and colleges bribe into it also to be a host site....AmWay CocaCola and others put millions into the budget every 4 years and invented the bullshit 5% rule....when Nader QUALIFIED with 8% the gangsters just changed the rule again....when Nader had a legally purchased front row seat at a debate they simply arrested him for trespassing....these corporations will do any crime to prevent truth telling to a large audience

@TomMcGiverin colleges also team up with media to run push polls that fake the 5% SC ALVIN GREEN a nobody spent his whole veterans college bonus to get on the US SENATE ballot and won the primary over Judge Rawl.....Winthrop University liar Professor invented a push poll ADDING GREEN PARTY TOM CLEMENTS TO TAKE AWAY DEMOCRAT Alvin expected vote versus incumbent Jim deMENTED the Governor Race Winthrop University refused to poll for Dr Reeves Green Party in the most blatant bias push poll tactics...this ensured Nimrata Haley her 1st Governor win after just 4 years in local posts

@GreenAtheist I remember that about Nader. It just went to show how scared the major parties were of him getting anywhere near the debate for fear he might interrupt it and start pointing out the truth. I think that Jill Stein was not allowed anywhere near the debates between Hillary and Trump.

@TomMcGiverin Dr Jill was arrested on the side walk 200 yards from the college debate site and dragged to a chair and shackled to it 3 years ago....this makes AmuriKKKa a fascist corporations plantation just like MussOLINI Italy

@TomMcGiverin no warning with a ticket in her hand to be seated in the audience....makes them all culpable war criminal enablers preventing peace through green jobs

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