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Christian Terrorist Threatening Atheists in Tennessee... []?

FrostyJim 7 June 23

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This fanatic furniture store owner ought to be relieved of her rifle just like the kids threatening to shoot up their school....insanity is the opposite of a well REGULATED militia....Darrow was no Communist but was a labor union lawyer mostly protecting the accused from the hangman....this female terrorist for her alleged gawd needs protective custody way over in Nashville until the Darrow statue is installed and an armed guard posted to protect Rhea County property.....the courthouse basement is a movie museum and the motel in town is called THE BRASS MONKEY....a tourist destination for Atheists ....very few xians come to climb the stairs and see the famous business should levy some security costs on her store ....maybe that will end her lunatic violent crusade


Darrow was a 2nd generation Atheist like his dad but is the statue Bryan ?....Dayton had xian terrorist mobs mobilized for the radio show but the trial was rigged from the start.....Darrow used his 30 year friendship with Bryan to his advantage....he baited his opposing counsel to testify as an expert witness for the bible creation story....that is all an Atheist need do to expose the filthy genocidal ecocide story of Noah and bible calendar beyond 4004 bce to ridicule the fake creationist claims


I had a look at her page. She's absolutely whacked out of her fucking gourd, to put it nicely.


Sounds like willful ignorance all around.


Someone has a few bats flying around in her belfry.

THHA Level 7 June 23, 2019
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