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CA's governor and lawmakers are receiving a 4% pay increase, meanwhile an increased tax on California gas is going to kick in July 1 and the state's homeless epidemic continues to be a national concern. []

repubatheists 7 June 24

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We need a freeze on rents, and a tax on landlords. That would provide money to build housing for the propertyless!


YA All well in good -meanwhile your Trumpie punishes CA for being liberal by withholding funds for fires. A really intellgent thoughtful non-racist man?!!!!!!! I hope CA secedes from the Union!

Withholding funds for fires??? Perhaps you should at least TRY to be honest about it.. (I know, it's hard for you to do a little research,,, much less be honest..) Trump hasn't done any such thing. The National Forest Dept. that is the one overseeing things has shown how Cal.'s local fire departments have been over-billing the federal government as part of a federal-state partnership called the California Fire Assistance Agreement, or CFAA. . So now that the 5 year agreement is scheduled to be revamped in 2020, they are going to have to rewrite it so that the State can't cheat us any more out of the Fed. Tax dollars... But yeah... who cares about the facts.. huh sassy.. pfffft

@Captain_Feelgood No he made speeches about it -it was his goal to punish CA. He didn't succeed but that was his intent.

@sassygirl3869 As a person born and raised in CA, with family who has lived in CA since the '30s, I will say CA is punishing itself !

@sassygirl3869 Newsom and Brown have used CA as a token state to challenge Trump despite the damage it would do to its own business sector and residents, meanwhile blowing billions of dollars (including federal funding) on a failed high speed rail project and making a joke of itself as a sanctuary state. CA has a homeless epidemic that has created serious public safety issues and disease outbreaks, and is a state with one of the highest resident exiting rates. CA did this to itself.

@repubatheists every state has a homeless issue.


Perhaps they shouldn't

bobwjr Level 9 June 24, 2019

Liberals at work.

zesty Level 7 June 24, 2019

They seem to be doing better as a state than say Alabama or Missisippi. By , I don't know a factor of infinity....

Will see what the future holds for CA as businesses continue to move out, tax paying middle class moves out and CA's homeless epidemic continues to be national concern.

@repubatheists California continues to be the economic juggernaut of the world. I checked population is not decreasing, but it is spawning growth in the Northwest, Utah, Colorado and Texas.In any research I see, GOP led states in MS, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas etc result in a poorer , less educated individual with less health care.

Texas does have oil and Florida has tourists that they tax to death. I don't think you are going to see California ever turn GOP, but I do see both Texas and Florida becoming more Democrat.

In the war of ideas, the GOP does nothing for the normal people. They subsidize the grotesquely rich and coal companies. The constitution favors rural states, but at some point even gerrymandering won't win.

Look for Senate losses in Maine and North Carolina.

I think the House will become ever more blue.

@Bigwavedave Economic success isn't permanent. Detroit proves that. Unfortunately CA leaders think the state is invincible and increasing numbers of Californians are paying for it. Also take CA's immigrant intake into consideration compared to other states in regards to population.

@repubatheists true. And the converse ? Is Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana s lifelong failure soon to turn around under gop leadership? That's funny isnt it. You know t GB e answer.

@Bigwavedave Are they "lifelong" failures if Californians, New Yorkers and Illinois folks are moving there? Looks like they are the only alternatives for affordable living in the country. It's a shame the blue state exodus is going to change that. Talk about massive gentrification.


Putting people to work building tiny houses for basic needs @ living wages means closing the Mexico border to gangs dope pimps guns and union busting scab workers ....a manageable project population....Medicare4all to prevent real epidemics letting workers buy into Medicare at the same rates seniors pay now MEANS KILLER INSURANCE CEOs lose their 60%profits and coding clerks need to transfer their skills from private pay to Medicare as their insured switch to save money on premiums


Gave up on their State Government long ago..

Those looney left wing nuts in charge out there are running it into the ground.

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