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Why religious people use "He" for god, and why is there no female prophet in history of religion? 🤔

NR92 6 June 24

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Cause women were chattel..and still are..




Because religions were invented by men for men in their own image, and that’s why they are misogynistic and always will be,

Women are supposed to be content with being "Helpers". Which basically makes them (us) second class citizens and cast in a supporting role. Otherwise we'd be seen as subversive, wouldn't we?

@mojo5501 Poor dears...couldn’t deal with that?


Because at that time only men were seen as important

bobwjr Level 9 June 24, 2019

You DO realize that there are many religions other than Judaism/Christianity, which you seem to imply is “religion” as a whole. It is not.


Because the bible was written by people with penis's.


Ellen White
Mary Baker Eddy
Kellyanne Conway [just kidding]


There are some, however we are second rate creatures, no question about it!

zesty Level 7 June 24, 2019

Umm, Cassandra? Judith, Ester, etc from the babble?
This is why blanket statements are Never true!


@COGITOERGOSUM "bible"...seems more descriptive!

@AnneWimsey I like the word bibly. Or babble.

@COGITOERGOSUM I usually write it BuyBull

None of them were prophet

@NR92 That's right. In Hebrew, the word for "prophet" is "nabi", which means someone one who speaks on behalf of god. Since there is no god, no one could be his/her/its speaker.


Fuck all that....don't try to fix fake faiths....we Atheists have trouble enough fighting back against criminal theocrat passing laws forcing women to stay pregnant falsely defining gynecology

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