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"The Mexican government has dispatched approximately 15,000 troops and National Guard officers to the U.S. border in a bid to check the flow of migration from Central America." []

repubatheists 7 June 25

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Are you sure it's not to stop you Gringo bastards getting cheaper everything their side of the border?

@Bierbasstard You are the big fish, we have less population in Portugal than most large cities 10.7m and falling, less money than you spend on hamburgers and beer, nice being Chickenshit though! We have more immigrants from Syria than the US, have a look at the stats if you have access to the truth?

How many Portuguese have been taking advantage of Spain's economic shortfalls?


Great news. Finally, things have started moving after 70 to 80 years of non-doing by entrenched Washington politicians who were good for nothing..


But yeah.... those damn sanctions won't work.. will they..🤔👌


Wonderful, just wonderful - now we have Nazi-inspired forces on both sides of the border while poor, desperate Central Americans are fleeing for their lives. Ashamed of your trumpie and his whole administration who should be charged with war crimes.


Pressure from trump on tariff?

bobwjr Level 9 June 25, 2019

@Bobby9 threats usually work even dispatched by a moron POTUS.


Maybe to stop migration from the US to Mexico?

zesty Level 7 June 25, 2019

Finally if this is true, the invaders will stay south of USA border and Rio Grande with MEXICAN troops reversing the previous policy of forcing illegal aliens into USA ....Mexico can best give asylum under one language


Mexico has a National Guard?

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