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God loves you so much that he created....

By St-Sinner8
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Hemorrhoids, cancer, gout, starvation, insanity, sadness, gum disease, donuts which make you fat and assholes to make fun of fat people while other people are starving to death.

Angee Level 4 June 27, 2019

He really is good at love.

He's just hopeless at rejection.

brentan Level 8 June 27, 2019

Christians HATE it when you say things like this, or that "God chooses who goes to heaven and who goes to hell." They act like it's the human's choice. But it's NOT the human's choice. The human chooses whether or not to follow God, and subsequently GOD chooses whether or not the human is good enough to go to heaven. I don't understand why the christians I've talked to do not understand this.

MayQueen Level 6 June 27, 2019

Christians believe every thing the church tells them to believe including who to vote for.

Believers, in general, don't like logic. What is new?

@St-Sinner True. I visited my parents in March and went to their church. The pastor endorsed a State Supreme Court candidate by praying for him by name. So fucking sneaky.


Oooh that's good. Yoink!

MattHardy Level 7 June 27, 2019
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