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Science-based medicine vs. alternatives

Allamanda 8 June 27

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I have been holistically oriented for most of my adult life after having nothing but disastrous diagnosis and prescriptions from clueless conventional medical practitioners. I have had wonderful results with various healing modalities that many people who don't know any better scoff at, especially homeopathy.

The best trouble shooter was a naturopath who diagnosed my 25 years of migraines as being a result of heavy metals in my system. He made this connection because I spent the first 15 years of my life in cities with steel mill pollution. As it turns out, he was correct. He had me do a gentle herbal detox and I havn't had another migraine since. That was 12 years ago.

I'm 73 and rely heavily on various supplements to help keep me doing well. I'm still flexible and pain free enough (thanks to CBD oil, medical cannabis, "D"3, and fish oil) to be able to do the same Yoga routine I learned back in the 1970,s. Why cause liver damage from pain meds when Arnica 200CK works just as well and is so safe you could swallow the entire container of it and have no adverse effects whatsoever!
And why suffer the horrors of menopause symptoms when Bio Identical HRT alleviates them far more safely than conventional HRT?

While I agree that the conventional medical people are necessary for certain emergencies and mechanical procedures (which can be really risky) much of the recommended surgeries are entirely unnecessary, and the over-prescribing of pharmaceuticals do untold harm to thousands of Americans each year.

It would be unrealistic to hold out the expectation that all conditions are curable, but there's a wide range of ailments, including the most serious ones, that respond favorably to natural treatments. I feel sorry for those who have become victims of the conventional system---I read posts from them every single day on my Fbook homepage.

That can also be referred to as confirmation bias and placebo effects... just like the power of prayer, laying on of hands etc. - great if it works for you, but inherently most are valueless. Especially homeopathy and there have been hundreds of trials. Chiropractry and osteo-cranial manipulations are also very dangerous.

@Allamanda I don't buy the placebo effect when it comes to homeopathy---there have been plenty of remedies that didn't work in spite of my high expectations. Homeopathy works on the same principles as vaccinations, and most people accept that vaccinations work. You obviously are unaware that there are hundreds of trials that show that homeopathy can be highly effective. It just depends upon where you choose to look.
I do agree that certain chiropractic adjustments can be dangerous, especially when the neck is involved. But I have a chiropractor to thank for doing a badly needed hip adjustment---about 20 years ago I had so much hip pain I couldn't walk up stairs. One quick adjustment and I've been fine ever since.

@ClaireMilner nope sorry I meant scientific trials. None have shown homeopathy to work.


Depending on the severity of an ailment or disease, one could choose medicine or a natural remedy accordingly.

I've seen osteoporosis completely reversed in a 63 year old woman, over a period of 10 years, without medication. People have managed type 2 diabetes with exercise and dietary changes and no additional medication.
Acid reflux can be more effectively cured with organic apple cider vinegar, and/or a change in diet, than it can be with Zantac.

However, baking soda can't cure cancer and a teaspoon of olive oil daily won't cure liver disease.

Athena Level 8 June 27, 2019

no argument on the rest but how was the reversal of osteoporosis achieved? and was it measured before and after?


Yes, I'd worked with this woman closely to reverse it. She was severely osteoporotic and was advised by her doctor to take Fossemax.

The research on fosamax listed detrimental side effects, I had explained them to her, and she refused to take it. Within 1 year her T score changed from - 3.3 to -3.0.
With each passing year, osteoporosis typically becomes more severe. However, in this case, her T scores improved each year. Her spine had also elongated and she "grew" 3/4 of an inch.

She wrote an article about it and asked that I share her story with as many people as possible, to make all aware of the benefits of exercise to reverse this degenerative disease.

Her lowest score in one hip is now -2.4. The other areas are above 1.5.

No medication was taken. Pretty amazing, right?

Y'know what you call alternative medicine that's passed actual clinical trials?

You call it "medicine".


Are you calling exercise medicine? Sorry, I just want to make certain I understand your point.

@Athena I'm not sure I am following either - so exercise alone? and the regime?


Exercise alone. Weight lifting and different forms of stretching.

@Athena hope it catches on!


I should add that we increased protein intake and cut out sugar. Bone density can increase/improve with resistance training. This was the only case in which I'd seen the condition reversed to this extent. However, there have been many other cases in which bone density still improved considerably.

@Athena What I'm saying is that "alternative" medicine is bullshit. I can't believe I have to clarify that.

I didn't use the word "alternative" at anytime, nor was I promoting alternative medicine in the context you're suggesting. So again, I don't know what you're referring to.

@Athena No, you didn't.

But the original post did.

It's not about you. Imagine that.


In that case, you should have replied to the original message and not tagged me to make your point. When you tag someone, it's a direct reply to them. So my assumption that you were commenting on my reply, was correct.

"I can't believe I needed to explain that" to use your phrase.

You should work on your writing. Intelligent people like words in the correct order so points can be understood.

@Athena Still not about you.

@Athena, he’s a dick. You can’t argue with dicks, they are too self absorbed.


Haha. Thank you! He pretty much made that clear with his comments.


What to say? I don't know. Modern medicine is a marvel. It's also motivated by profit and this causes distrust in medicine and vaccinations. I think big pharma can be a monster.

for one thing you can cross-reference with what's done in other countries, where profit doesn't come into it or only in a very small way.

You don't mean those terrible commies?

@brentan It's hard for us to say really, you know the wops start at Calais. And you rebels...

@Allamanda OMG, I mean wow.

@brentan you know we're teasing right? Two nations divided by a common language, etc.

@Allamanda Absolutely! No offense taken. I just didn't expect you to be so blunt!

Big Pharma was a term coined by paranoid idiots to herd other paranoid idiots.


AW MAN, now I'm going to have to read it. Luck is in my favor, it seems that diabetes is not a problem for me but very good article on the proof needing to be there for natural "remedies".

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