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Happy 4th of July!

USA @ 2019:

  1. Obese, un healthy people now does the majority of "Body Shaming"
  2. Trumpsters constantly remind everyone else how "Stupid they are"
  3. Religious fanatics who have been indoctrinated remind everyone else how we are "swallowing the propaganda"

Surreal, but real at the same time

twill 7 July 4

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What is the basis for #1 on your list? Any statistics?

Angee Level 4 July 4, 2019

Comments made to me

@twill there is definitely a backlash beginning, but from what I've seen and heard there are still more slender haters. Either way, if people would just sweep off their own back porch we'd all have clean back porches and a whole lot less drama.

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