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Do you play a musical instrument? Did you in the past? What has the experience meant to you?

Ora_11_11 5 Mar 14

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I play classical guitar.

Nuke Level 5 Mar 14, 2018

I play flute, piano, and am a classically trained vocalist. I'm a soprano.

My voice was described as a, "silver, twinkley, bird."

That sucks, because I wanted to sing jazz.

Ohh, I feel that! If I could sing like anyone, it's a toss-up between John Frusciante, Laura Jane Grace, and Tom Waits. Fat chance!


Started playing electric bass about 35 years ago. Stopped playing for quite a few years, then picked it back up years later. Second time around, I became a lot better. There is still a lot I want to learn. Wish I could practice everyday!


Cello, some piano... currently "fighting" the violin.

I cannot live without a music instrument in my home.

Cello makes my legs like jello, fellow.


My mother forced me to take piano lessons. My teacher used to cut my nails and I quit around puberty. Regret I stopped playing but Icouldn't play the music I wanted to and hated practicing.


I've been playing and singing in bands for 45 Yrs, other than the two sons I raised by myself,
nothing has given me more pure joy. Recently started playing with friends from a band we started 40 Yrs ago. We might be old bastards, but we can still tear it up and we absolutely love it.


I'm an orchestral music teacher for the simple fact my college didn't have orchestration, composition or any similar degree programs specifically suited to my needs as a musical theater "storyteller".

Music is a part of my life in that the creative process IS my (sometimes graphic) graphic and literary arts as well. See my profile for details...perhaps we can make some art someday!


My mother was a music teacher, but she got us music lessons with a different teacher. Took piano lesson for a couple of years, probably started around 9 or 10. In high school, played in band, first a trumpet (there were 15 trumpet players), and music teacher asked if I would switch to French horn, as only had one of them. Then years of not much. When my mom's side of the family got together there was always music. My uncles could all play fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and guitar. My mom was the vocalist. Right after I retired, my wife got us tickets to the first Rivercity Bluegrass Festival, which was held in January. Just loved the music, and decided that I wanted to play an electric bass. Wife, who is a musician, suggest that I get a Fender Std. Jazz Bass. Got one an taught myself to play. Have been playing with a band for the last 15 years. Always had the want to also learn the instruments that my uncles played. So can now play the guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Did get from my aunt, the play lists from my uncles guitar case, and have played a lot of the music from the old days of my uncles play together. Have had the chance to play with my sister and some cousins, so the tradition of making family music is still going. I think making music is about as good as it get. Besides our band, also play with two other groups.


I played the violin for years, when I was younger. I was actually pretty good, but after high school, I pretty much gave up on ever doing anything with it. I ended up selling it a few years later. I wish I hadn't. I keep telling myself that I'll buy a new one eventually, but tomorrow never comes. I've just quit smoking. Perhaps I should funnel the money I'm saving into that!


I played guitar and evolved into a blues guitar person. Began at 16 and never really quit but once in my 30s I played my last stage thing. Now, with life advancing I once again turn to my guitar , the acoustical version. I find the same bliss as with the blues,
Music lets your soul leak out of you and express itself. It returns with a calm and blissfull feeling

EMC2 Level 8 Mar 14, 2018

Played violin when I was a kid. Poorly.
I don't have that particular gene.

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